The world is a complex place full of all kinds of mysterious questions waiting to be answered. Even more complex is the labyrinth and the mirage of models and observations that lead the world to stability and return "ordo ab chao," that is, "the order of chaos."

    As more and more of these patterns have been observed and studied by humans, they have found their way into some of the most sophisticated technologies seen in the modern world.


    The use and importance of the models has proved so vital that it is a completely different set of areas and a study has been developed, known today as analysis. A field that uses statistics, mathematics and prediction models to find and understand increasingly recurring patterns in a given set of data.

    This set of data is used to determine the series of actions that led to the occurrence of an event, how this event develops and what is likely to happen later if another set of actions is carried out and somehow affect the event.


    Since its creation, the analysis study has experienced a certain diversification in its fields of study. Some of the types include:

    Description: This type of analysis mainly deals with quantified or quantifiable elements and statistics that allow a better understanding of how and what event happened recently.

    Predictive: the future is definitely uncertain for everyone and no one has any idea what can happen at any time. However, past data and current behavior when combined with predictive algorithms can give an idea of ​​the probabilities of the different possibilities that are more likely to occur or to occur in the near or distant future.

    Prescriptive: a relatively new concept. However, it provides the missing piece in the analysis puzzle. Provide the answer to the question "what to do". Once the predictive analysis offers future predictions, it is the prescriptive analyzes that provide more detailed information about the predictions and

    suggests the best and optimal decision to prepare for the future.


    Due to the fact that the future is unpredictable and the appropriate technology available to facilitate certain predictions for it, companies want the best of the best people who can work efficiently and offer a list of possible changes that the future could have. as well as profitable strategies that can help them prepare for it.

    As a result, the need for analytical experts has increased significantly and has grown steadily since then. Companies have done everything possible to create separate job profiles and roles specifically to meet their needs in the future. Job profiles as a business analyst, executive director (CAD), data scientist, data miner are some of the profiles that have been presented to some of the world's largest technology companies.

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    Love and the ability to solve puzzles are rare. Then, in case you are one of those who like riddles and riddles, the demanding field of analysis awaits you with open arms. Sign up for Data Science training in Los Angeles and turn your hobby into a career.


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